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Current Friends

Our Current Friends

Name: Latifa Bakiri
Address: Madrid, Spain
Institution/Company: CNIO Madrid, Spain
Working Field: Molecular Biology, Genetics, cell biology, biochemistry
Help offered for PFMR: training students, teaching.

Name: Ramzey Abujarour
Address: San Diego, CA, USA
Institution/Company: FATE THERAPEUTICS, INC
Working Field: Stem cell biology and biotechnology
Help offered for PFMR: Any way possible: technical, passing info about jobs, grants, science news.

Name: Mohamed Helmy Abdel-Rahman
Address: Shebin Elkom, Menoufiya
Institution/Company: National Liver Institute, Menoufiya University
Working Field: Cancer Genetics, Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumors, Hereditary Liver Diseases
Help offered for PFMR: We are establishing a Molecular Biology Research Center in Egypt. We can offer place of training and hand on research work. Currently we don’t have funds to support salaries but in the future we may have.

Name: Nizar F. Maraqa, MD
Address: 653-1 W 8th St, LRC-3, Pediatrics, L-13, Jacksonville, FL 32209, USA
Institution/Company: University of Florida College of Medicine- Jacksonville (USA)
Working Field: Clinical Outcomes Research, MRSA Epidemiology & Phylgenetics in Pediatrics,
Clinical Translational Research (bench-to-bedside) in Pediatrics.
Help offered for PFMR: Appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on projects, whether from research design, study conduct or data analysis & interpretation perspectives.

Name: Prof Nabil Mohie Abdel-Hamid
Address: Minia, Egypt
Institution/Company: Minia University, Pharmacy college, Egypt
Working Field: Cancer Biologist, looking for more specific and sensitive early markers to detect liver cancers among risky individuals. Meanwhile, testing some natural products on both sensitization and carcinoprotection.
Help offered for PFMR: Exchange thoughts, visits, expertise, supervise students for collaborative researches or PhD or even Master students.

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